Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Morning Benders, Twin Sister, Cults @ Clubhouse | Land of Talk & Suuns @ Rhythm Room

Tonight at Clubhouse is one of the best shows of the fall season. It is going to be marvelous and you just have to be there. The Morning Benders, Twin Sister and Cults! All together for one show! How often does something like that happen? Not very often. It's just a shame it's at the goddamn Clubhouse though... am I right? But where else can we have it? Not your moms house, she keeps calling the cops on us. Tix $15 HERE

But... if three awesome bands on the same bill isn't enough to overcome your fear of Clubhouse then might I suggest The Rhythm Room? Land of Talk and SUUNS are going to be performing their live music there, very good alternative to Clubhouse. Tix $12 HERE


Twin Sister

Land of Talk