Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New Music Tuesday: Antony, Belle & Sebastian, Die Antwoord, Sufjan Stevens, Starf**ker, Zola Jesus

Apparently today is the day that kicks off the shitty x-mas album season. And only two weeks into October... PERFECT! It's going to be almost 100 degrees in Phoenix today! The perfect weather to listen to Brian Setzer and the Indigo Girls sing about baby Jesus and chestnuts on open fires! Fortunately (for you) I didn't include any of that crap in this weeks list and even MORE fortunately (for ALL of us) there is a TON of awesome albums coming out today that more than make up for this nonsense. There is so much stuff that I don't even know what half of it is, so please comment below and point out what is good and what sucks. Check out the list after the break and have a happy New Year!

All That Remains: For We Are Many

Antony and the Johnsons: Swanlights [mp3] [vinyl]
Badly Drawn Boy: It's What I'm Thinking: Photographing Snowflakes [mp3]
Banjo or Freakout: Way Slow Volume One [mp3]
Beach Fossils: Face It / Distance [mp3]
Belle and Sebastian: Write About Love [mp3] [vinyl]
Belleruche: 270 Stories
Benoit Pioulard: Lasted [mp3]
The Black: Sun In the Day Moon At Night [mp3]
The Black Heart Procession: Blood Bunny / Black Rabbit [mp3] [vinyl]
Blank Dogs: Land and Fixed [mp3]
Blue Water White Death: Blue Water White Death [mp3]
Brandi Emma: Photographic Memory [mp3]
Callers: Life of Love [mp3] [vinyl]
Carissa's Weird: Songs About Leaving (reissue) [vinyl] [mp3]
Carissa's Weird: Ugly But Honest (reissue) [vinyl]
Carissa's Weird: You Should Be at Home Here (reissue) [vinyl]
Carl Barat: Carl Barat
Cheyenne Marie Mize: Before Lately [mp3]
Chip Taylor & Carrie Rodriguez: The New Bye & Bye
Cloud Nothings: Turning On [mp3]
Crystal Fighters: Star of Love
Dar Williams: Many Great Companions [mp3]
Dead C: Patience [mp3] [vinyl]
The December People: Rattle and Humbug [mp3]
Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom: Track 5 [vinyl]
Die Antwoord: $O$ [mp3]
Dimmu Borgir: Abrahadabra [mp3]
El Guincho: Pop Negro [vinyl]
Envy: Recitation [mp3] [vinyl]
Esben and the Witch: Marching Song [mp3]
Exit Calm: Don't Look Down EP
Exit Calm: Exit Calm [mp3]
The Foreign Exchange: Authenticity [mp3]
Fox in the Henhouse: Fox in the Henhouse [mp3]
Franz Nicolay: Luck & Courage [mp3]
The Fresh & Onlys: Play It Strange
Friendly Fires: Bugged Out! Presents Suck My Deck
Ghostface Killah: Supreme Clientele [vinyl]
Gold Panda: Lucky Shiner [vinyl] [mp3]
Great Lakes: Ways of Escape [mp3]
The Growlers: Hot Tropics [mp3]
Hauschka: Foreign Landscapes [mp3]
Holy Sons: Survivalist Tales [mp3]
Hot Panda: How Come I'm Dead [vinyl]
Interpol: Interpol (2-LP reissue) [vinyl]
J. Tillman: Singing Ax [vinyl]
James Apollo: Til Your Feet Bleed [mp3]
The Jazz Passengers: Reunited
Joshua Radin: The Rock and the Tide [mp3] [vinyl]
Lil Wayne: I Am Not A Human Being [mp3]
Lovers: Dark Light [mp3]
Maserati: Pyramid of the Moon [vinyl]
Meat Beat Manifesto: Answers Come in Dreams
Moondoggies: Tidelands [mp3] [vinyl]
Nels Cline: Dirty Baby [mp3]
Old 97's: The Grand Theatre Volume One [mp3]
Peter Gordon: The Love of Life Orchestra [mp3]
The Postelles: The Postelles [vinyl]
Purling Hiss: Public Service Announcement [mp3]
Railroad Earth: Railroad Earth
Real Estate: Out of Tune [mp3]
Salem: King Night [vinyl]
Salteens: Grey Eyes [mp3]
Scattered Trees: Four Days Straight [mp3]
The Secret Sisters: The Secret Sisters
Silje Nes: Opticks [mp3]
Starf*cker: Julius [vinyl & mp3]
Sufjan Stevens: The Age of Adz [mp3]
Sunset: Loveshines but The Moon Is Shining Too [mp3] [vinyl]
Suuns: Zeroes QC [mp3] [vinyl]
Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross: The Social Network (soundtrack) [mp3]
Violent Kin: Velvet Hideout [mp3]
Wolf People Steeple [mp3] [vinyl]
Young Man: Boy [mp3] [vinyl]
Zola Jesus: Valusia EP [mp3] [vinyl]