Monday, November 22, 2010

Get Ready For Kinchmas

Even if you didn't think you were looking for something to do on x mas eve... eve, you were. Somewhere in the depth of your subconscious you were all like "shit, where should I get drunk at on Dec 23rd?" Well now you know, not only can you get super drunk in preparation for hanging out with your family for the next few day, you can also see some of the best bands Phoenix has to offer.

Kinch is putting on their annual Kinchmas party at The Rhythm Room Dec 23rd, featuring Kinch, Ladylike, Yellow Minute and Rajiv Patel. You can also expect some special guests and other mind blowing surprises!

From now until Dec 1st you can get your tickets for the discounted price of $8. Not sure what they will go up to after that but probably more than that... MATH!