Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Music Tuesday: The Beatles, Sharon Van Etten, Bombay Bicycle Club

Here is today's list of albums that are out. I kinda feel bad for all of these people because they are being overshadowed but The Beatles. It's the only thing anybody is talking about today, The Beatles are now on iTunes! But that is OK because The Beatles are the best band ever of all time and space and I will fight you if you say otherwise. So if you don't already have a shit ton of The Beatles already on your iTunes and you just got a $150 iTunes gift card for Veterans Day then you can pick up the boxed set.

Whole list after the break...

The Black Keys: The Big Come Up (reissue) [vinyl]The Black Keys: Moan (reissue) [vinyl]
Bombay Bicycle Club: Flaws
Crushed Stars: Convalescing in Braille
Darren Hayman: Essex Arms
Faun Fables: Light of a Vaster Dark
Home Video: The Automatic Process [mp3]
Japandroids: Heavenward Grand Prix [vinyl & mp3]
Jesu: Heartache & Dethroned (2-CDs)
Kisses: Heart of the Nightlife
KT Tunstall: Have Yourself a Very KT Christmas
La Sera: Never Come Around [vinyl]
Lavinia: There Is Light Between Us
Le Switch: The Rest of Me [mp3]
Mariage Blanc: Mariage Blanc
The Mommyheads: Finest Specimens
Pan American: For Waiting, For Chasing
The Pipettes: Earth Vs the Pipettes
The Queers: Back to the Basement
The Russian Futurists: The Weight's on the Wheels [mp3]
Sharon Van Etten: I'm Giving Up on You [vinyl & mp3]
The Shondes: Lines & Hooks + 3 EP
Shuteye Unison: Our Future Selves [mp3]
The Sights: The Most of What Follows Is True
Stereolab: Not Music
The Stooges: The Stooges (Rhino Handmade Collector's Edition)
The Warlocks: Rise & Fall EP & Rarities