Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Holy crap there is a lot of good shit coming out today. WHY?, The Big Pink and Girls are ALL going to be high on various internet weblogs "best of the year" lists and they are all coming out on the same day! Just crazy man...crazy.

If you absolutely HATE Target's guts you can order Pearl Jam's Backspacer from another country (via import).

Plus the Monsters of Folk and Volcano Choir are excellent choices for your end of summer black tar hash party's (what?). Check out the full list (aside from the ones I probably missed) after the break.

Um I DID totally miss The Allmighty Defenders, the "supergroup" combining King Kahn and BBQ Show with The Black Lips. Their self titled debut album is out NOW also.

WHY? - Eskimo Snow
Monsters Of Folk - Monsters Of Folk
The Big Pink - A Brief History of Love
Girls - Album
Volcano Choir - Unmap
Islands - Vapours
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - Higher Than the Stars [EP]
Sea Wolf - White Water, White Bloom
Pastels/Tenniscoats - Two Sunsets
Basement Jaxx - Scars
Vic Chesnut - At the Cut
Noisettes - Wild Young Hearts
Pearl Jam - Backspacer (Import)
Rain Machine - Rain Machine
David Gray - Draw The Line
Le Coup - Family
Rufus Wainwright - Milwaukee at Last!!!
Richard Hawley - True Love's Gutter
Beastie Boys - Hello Nasty (Remaster)
Joshua James - Build Me This
Lisa Gernamo - Magic Neighbor
The Almighty Defenders - The Almighty Defenders