Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Oh Coachella 2011! Kings Of Leon? What Up Wit Dat?

Will this finally be the year that I go to Coachella? I really should go. Who knows when I will get the chance to see Kings Of Leon, Big Audio Dynamite, Cage the Elephant or Brandon Flowers? This is really a once in a lifetime opportunity to see these amazing bands in the most comfortable and accommodating way possible. How much?

Just kidding, even thought there are a few questionable acts scheduled there are so many more good ones that it doesn't even matter. People should just take several chill pills. I actually really DO want to go to Coachella this year. I went to Mayhem Fest AND the Warped Tour last year, so I can't imagine Coachella being any hotter or any more miserable than those painful feats of endurance were. I am a trooper dammit! I can handle it.