Tuesday, August 3, 2010

1500th Post Mixtapes!!! We Did It!!!

Oh guess what? This is Electric Mustache's 1500th Post! Who would have thought we would or could have made it that far? Not me, especially "cuz they're rapin errbody out here" and everything. But against all odds we have made it to 1500 posts (and counting).

As a gesture intended to say thank's, Mike and I made a couple "mix tapes" with some of our favorite songs going back to the start of the blog. Mike and I put together two pretty solid mixes if you ask me. And you should, because I need validation in my life.

So take a little stroll down memory lane after the break. If you want you can even download them, or just play them in the nice embedded widgets. It's YOUR choice! We are a full service music blog.

Shawn's 1500 Post Mix by Electric Mustache

Miniature Tigers "Last Night's Fake Blood"
Ninjasonik "Holla for a Dolla"
Dirty Projectors "Stillness is the Move"
Grizzly Bear "Ready, Able"
Deer Tick "Easy"
Girls "Hellhole Ratrace"
The Mumlers "Coffin Factory"
Kinch "John Adams"
Dead Man's Bones "My Body's A Zombie For You"
The Antlers "Two"
Beach House "Norway"
Sleigh Bells "Rill Rill"

Mike's 1500 Posts Mix by Electric Mustache

Wilco "One Wing"
Arcade Fire "The Suburbs"
Dirty Projectors "Two Doves"
Avi Buffalo "Jessica"
Gorillaz "Empire Ants"
Tallest Man on Earth "You're Going Back"
Micachu & The Shapes "Just In Case"
Local Natives "Airplanes"
The Morning Benders "Excuses"
St. Vincent "Actor Out of Work"
White Denim "Regina Holding Hands"
Lcd Soundsystem "Drunk Girls"